What is a 360 HD lace wig?

What is a 360 HD lace wig?

The wigs sewed with 360 lace bundles and frontals are known as 360 lace wigs. These types of wigs can be worn quickly and easily. It is a new arrival in the category of human hair products. It is best for those women who love ponytails. It comes with a 360-degree frontal, a lace about 5 inches front and 2.5 inches back, and a piece of net in the center. The combined sewing of this lace is called a 360 transparent hd wig.

The 360 HD lace wig looks natural and beautiful. It gives a realistic look, especially for those women who have hair falling problems and are afraid to show their natural hair. Wearing this wig will prove to be beneficial for you. If you are going to buy this wig, you don’t have to get confused and feel insecure about your hair. It makes your head looks full and cute. Just pop it on your head and adjust it. It has baby hair too. To secure it, adjust the straps and go freely and confidently wherever you want. This wig comes in different variants depending on density. Hair density can vary depending on your head and your desired hairstyle.

360 lace wig texture

Although many wigs are made from natural human hair, 360 HD lace wig is manufactured from 100 percent natural and virgin human hair. All of the hair selected for making this wig is generally of good quality. It is best for hair styling and ponytails.

Coloring the 360-lace wig

You can give the color of your own choice to the HD lace wig. You can also color it brown or purple. Regarding parting, you can separate the hair either way you want, right, left, backward, or middle. You will be happy to see the results it will give on putting the hair back and making a ponytail. You can use gel or other premium products to fix baby hair. The hair of this wig is softer and more comfortable as it is made from virgin human hair. After wearing this wig, you will feel that your hair looks lustrous, smooth and shiny.

Difference between full lace and 360 wig

The first and significant difference between these two is cap construction. The interior cap construction of both wigs is different from each other. Hands knotting is used to make the full lace wig. At the same time, 360 lace wig’s cap is made by machine. It gives a circle lace that covers the area around your head.

The sizes of both these wigs are different. A 360 lace wig is made versatile for usage. You can use it to make low ponytails, high ponytails and side braids. While with full lace, you can make all these hairstyles, and also you can make pigtails and space buns. A 360 lace wig covers the crown area, while a full lace wig covers all cap areas. As full lace wigs can be worn in all styles, their price is slightly higher than HD lace wigs. But it depends on whether you want to buy a full or 360 lace wig.