Tips for Pressure Washing Cars

Tips for Pressure Washing Cars

Do you have second thoughts about pressure washing your car? This question, after all, has troubled everyone for a long time.

The quick answer is that pressure washing isn't necessarily a negative thing if done correctly, but there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid any harm. If done correctly, pressure washing is a good option for many individuals, but it may not be for everyone. To begin, a washer is quite ideal for pre-washing the car.

Basic Instructions

There are numerous types of nozzles that come along with pressure washers, each having a unique pattern and angle of spray. A tip with a 25-degree spray pattern is ideal for the wheels as well as the wheel wells. Switch to a 40-degree tip for the remaining exterior parts. Contemporary pressure washers have a rapid detach, so switching between modes takes only a second.

Spraying from Up to Down

As with any car wash, start by breaking up accumulated dirt and washing the debris. A green tip sprays at a wider angle, which can be used to wash down wheels and their sides. Then using a white nozzle, wash the entire exterior of the car. Start from the top of the car, that is the roof, and gradually come down while going through windows, trunks, and the lower panels.

Cleanse with Foaming Soap

Make a foam solution along with car washing soaps and connect it to the pressure washer’s tube. Now put all this solution on your car with the help of a pressure washer. As a general rule, begin at the top and work your way down. The foam, along with the lubricating chemicals in the car wash soap, prevents dirt from damaging the clear layer as you scrub and rinse the car clean.

Moment for Cleanse

Whether or not you used a foam cannon, it's time to scrub. Make a solution of car washing soap and water and exfoliate the car with a microfiber mitt and again start from top to bottom. This will help every single small piece of your car to be cleaned. Remember, to cleanse one small section at a time to ensure that all dirt is removed, and rinse your mitt after finishing.


After cleaning the exterior of a car, start washing the interior from all dirt and filth. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the automobile with the pressure washer's 40-degree tip. Carefully wash doors and windows along with seals. It's time to call it a day when all you see is clear, clean water running off your car.

A dense, microfiber detailing towel, made for a car should be opted to dry the vehicle. Work your way down from the top. Gently wipe the finish with the towel.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that touch-free work is always preferable. Instead of a microfiber towel, try a blow dryer made expressly for drying autos, or put on your leaf blower on high. It works better on wax or coated cars. In this way, your car will be as new as ever!