A Quick Tour To Front Face Wigs

A Quick Tour To Front Face Wigs

What Are Lace Front Wigs- A Miniature Guide

Lace front wigs are a perfect way to achieve a naturally visible hairline. 13x4 Lace Front Wig is an ideal solution for people falling victim to hair fall or those who experience various hair issues. The purpose of face front wigs is to overcome any hair issues by adding the beauty of lovey hair through hair wigs.

Lace Front Wigs Vs. Regular Wigs

  1. Lace front wigs have a front lace with some hairline that resembles a naturally appearing hairline on a human head. Regular wigs lack these natural hairlines.
  2. You can get varying parting style such as T part, U part, middle part, etc. in lace front wigs. However, regular wigs don’t have many hair parting style options.
  3. Lace front wigs are more durable and have extended strength. Hair strands would hardly shed from it. On the other hand, regular wigs are not so durable and hair strands shed off easily.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Lace Front Wigs


  • These are easy to install and you can wear them very quickly.
  • Lace frontals feature less stressful procedure to wear and give a natural appearance.
  • You can make various hairstyles according to your desires. Hence, best suited for girls who love making various hairstyles.


  • It can introduce fitting issues in some cases.
  • Wearing a lace frontal wig for very long time on a daily basis can make your natural hair grow through the wig. Alternatively, your hair can displace the hair wig as they grow. But this happens only of you wear it for several weeks all the time.

Product Suggestions

1. Super Long Straight Black/Natural Wig

If you’re in love with super long tresses, try out this wig. It’ll help you achieve hair length up to below your butt. This is an insane yet sexy hair length, which drives most men crazy.

2. Long Curly Hair With Natural/Black Color

With a combination of long hair and amazing curls, all in natural black color, you’re sure to shine in the crowd as all the men will keep glancing at you. The longest (30 inch) length will roughly reach your navel, making you beautifully stimulating.

3. Front Laced Wig With Deep Waves- Medium Length

Deep waves are still in fashion, especially among those who love trying out various hairstyles on hair. Instead of damaging your hair with hairstyling products, try this wig and keep your natural hair safe from damage. With 180% density option, you can add insane amount of volume to your head without much efforts. This wig is suited for women who love dense and high volume of hair flowing down their heads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suggest some wig care instructions

Below are a few wig care instructions you can follow:

  • Always keep the wig on the stand when not using it.
  • Ensure regular cleaning to enhance its longevity.
  • Use a wide toothed comb or a brush and comb the wig with gentle hands.
  • NEVER wash your wig in a washing machine.

How to remove bad odor from the wigs?

To remove bad odor, you should wash it in cold water. Fill a tub with water and wash it gently with your hands. You can add fragrance hair oil to add scent to your hair wig. Do not put under direct sunlight for very long.